Host Your Own DIY Spa Day In Your Bellflower Apartment

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Here are several great tips to help you host your own “Day Spa Day” at your Bellflower apartment.

Why spend a day at the salon when you can create your own spa at home? Our apartments in Bellflower are the perfect place for inviting friends over for a day of relaxing and pampering.

Planning your spa party at home is easy. Start by creating a relaxing space. Your spacious bathroom is the perfect place to light candles (get some made in a local shop) and arrange everything your guests need for facials, including products and towels.

In the living room, let your guests take time to lounge and try out some beauty supplies. Put nail polish, cotton balls, nail polish remover, and other supplies on the coffee table and let the guests take their pick. Turn on some calming music to set the mood.

The dining room table is a great spot to place gift bags! Fill small bags with fun treats that your guests can take with them to continue their pampering at home. Candles, facial masks, and small bottles of lotion make great gifts.

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